Department Chairs and Program Directors

Department Chairs

Karen A. Ober

Joshua R. Farrell

D. Neel Smith

Economics and Accounting
Robert W. Baumann

Ericka Fisher

Christine A. Coch

Edward T. O'Donnell

Mathematics and Computer Science
Gareth E. Roberts

Modern Languages and Literatures
Claudia N. Ross

Chris Arrell

Naval Science
Larry G. McCullen

Jeffrey A. Bernstein

Tomohiko Narita

Political Science
Maria G. M. Rodrigues

Richard C. Schmidt

Religious Studies
William Reiser, S.J.

Sociology and Anthropology
Susan Crawford Sullivan

Cynthia L. Stone

Theatre and Dance
Scott Malia

Visual Arts
Patricia A. Johnston

Program Directors

Robert M. Bellin
Director, Vocare Advising and Mentoring

Daniel B. Bitran
Science Coordinator

Miles B. Cahill
Advisor, Health Professions Advisory Program

Anthony Cashman
Director, Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies

Mary Beth Ryan Cashman
Director, Teacher Education Program

David K. W. Chu
Director, CIOCCA Entrepreneurial Studies and Prebusiness Program

Judith A. Chubb
Director, International Studies

Mary A. Conley
Director, Scholarship in Action

Susan M. Cunningham
Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentrations

Gary P. DeAngelis
Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Programs

Jeffrey Dixon
Director, Peace and Conflict Studies

Ara A. Francis
Director, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Jumi Hayaki
Associate Advisor, Health Professions Advisory Program

Ronald M. Jarret
Director, Summer Session

Daniel P. Klinghard
Director, J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World

Nadine M. Knight
Director, Africana Studies

Director, Center for Teaching

Director, Arts Transcending Borders

Alison Bryant Ludden
Director, Montserrat

Sarah Luria
Director, Environmental Studies

Tomohiko Narita
Advisor, 3-2 Engineering Program

Ellen Perry
Director, Scholars Program

Director, Deaf Studies

Juan G. Ramos
Director, Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies

Scott Sandstrom
Advisor, Prelaw Program

Lorelle D. Semley
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

May Sim
Director, Asian Studies

Brittain Smith
Director, Study Abroad Program

Michelle Sterk Barrett
Director, Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning