Studio Art Minor

Department Advanced Placement Policy

Students with AP credit in Art History, Studio, and Drawing are awarded placement in the studio art curriculum. AP credit does not count toward the minimum number of courses required for the majors or minors.  Credit for AP classes will be granted on an individual basis.


Required introductory courses:
Fundamentals of Drawing
3-Dimensional Fundamentals
One history of art course:
Introduction To Visual Arts
History of Global Arch I
History of Global Arch II
Narrative In Art & Film
Destruction and Renewal
Museum Studies
Introduction to Islamic Art
Art of Africa and the Americas
Arts of Religion
Global Commerce in 15th Century Italy
Art & Antiquity in 16C Italy
Art, Science and Power 17C
Art in the Modern World, 1780 to 1940
Contemporary Art, 1940 to the Present
17C Dutch Art & Society
The Arts in America
Modern Architecture
Making the Modern City
Kings & Caliphs: Art of Luxury
Three elective Studio Art courses:
Digital Art Studio 1
Photography 1
Digital Filmmaking
Drawing on Site
Painting 1
Painting 2
Fundamentals of Color
Digital Art Studio 2
New Media
Drawn to Nature
Drawing, Body as Form
Cutting Edge: Beyond Collage
Printmaking 1
Book Projects
Sculpture 1
Intermediate Drawing
Photography 2

The studio art minor requires a total of six courses including Fundamentals of Drawing and 3D Fundamentals plus one art history course. The remaining three elective courses may be chosen from Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Printmaking and Digital Media, plus Special Topics Courses. Studio minors are required to participate in the studio reviews in their senior year, and exhibit their work in the Spring Senior Minor’s exhibition in the SAS gallery in Hogan Campus Center.