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Deaf Studies
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Designed for students with little or no knowledge of American Sign Language. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of American Sign Language, focuses on the acquisition of speaking and listening skills through a visual-gestural modality, and provides and overview of Deaf culture. Five class hours weekly, including two hours of practicum. One and one-quarter units.

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American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
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American Sign Language (ASL) is similar to spoken languages in that it has its own grammar and vocabulary, but it is different in that it is a visual language used by the Deaf community in the United States. Students pursing coursework in Deaf Studies have opportunities for involvement in a program that provides personal and direct interaction with members of the Deaf community using ASL as the primary means of communication. Students pursuing ASL and Deaf Studies can apply to study for one or two semesters at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C, the world’s only Deaf university, where they can experience full immersion in ASL and Deaf culture. This option is available through Holy Cross’ Study Away Program administered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS). Students can elect a minor in Deaf Studies or through CIS, they can develop a multidisciplinary major combining Deaf Studies with other disciplines within the College. Multidisciplinary majors incorporating ASL and Deaf Studies curriculum have included themes such as Literacy in Deaf Education, Deaf Studies and the Arts, Social Issues in Deaf Education and Language Acquisition and (Deaf) Culture.

Deaf Studies Minor Requirements: 6 courses as follows:

• DFST 109: Introduction to Deaf Studies

• DFST 201: Intermediate ASL1

• DFST 202: Intermediate ASL2

• DFST 301: ASL Comp & Con

One course from among the following:

• DFST 300: The Deaf Community, Language and Culture,

• DFST 303: Deaf Literature

And one additional approved course with a focus on ASL or Deaf Studies taken at Holy Cross or at another institution