New York Semester Program (NYSP)

NYSP 382 —  New York Internship Course count: 1.5 

Students engage in substantive internships (four days per week) across various business units and industries (i.e. finance, the arts, communications/media, public policy, etc.). All internships must be housed in an NYC-based organization that 1) offers the student exposure to key issues in the field and 2) requires individual initiative and responsibility.

GPA units: 1.5

NYSP 383 —  New York Research Course count: 1.5 

A research project integrating seminar readings, the internship, and colloquia experiences. Supervised and graded by the program director, each student will select an issue directly related to the student's area of interest, work and study. The project will consider the issue in a larger context, survey the debates surrounding this issue, and include suggestions for further reading. It requires both a written analytical component and a formal boardroom presentation.

GPA units: 1.5

NYSP 384 —  New York Seminar Course count: 1 

This course will combine more theoretical work on organizational structures with the study of principles of leadership and the role of ethical issues in professional life. The readings and class discussions will address several basic questions: What is leadership and what are its elements? How do context and organizational structure affect the nature of leadership? How might we understand the moral purposes of leadership?This course will not simply be a survey of the existing literature on leadership studies. Rather, it will proceed from a careful study of classic texts that touch upon the problems and prospects of leadership as the manifestations of the problems and prospects of human nature. The readings and class discussions will focus on a series of central questions designed to isolate the basic premises of leadership, which will in turn enable students to apply this understanding to contemporary leadership issues and challenges.

GPA units: 1