Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies (LALC)

LALC 101 —  Intro to Latin America Course count: 1 

Serves as a general interdisciplinary introduction to Latin America. Students will possibly have the opportunity to travel to a Latin American country during spring vacation. Includes a Community-Based Learning component. One unit.

GPA units: 1

Common Area: Cross-Cultural Studies

LALC 210 —  Latina/os&Law in Massachusetts Course count: 1 

The law permeates the daily lives of Latino/as through dealings with police, courts and administrative agencies. This course will observe the interaction of the law with Latino/as at diverse points - language, education, crime and punishment, employment - seeking to understand how the law affects them even as they affect the law and how intellectuals of any ethnicity can become active participants in these developments. The course also focuses on developing students' writing, advocacy and analytical skills, giving them along the way some practical information about the legal profession and the work of lawyers, while bearing in mind that the course seeks to develop interest in interdisciplinary approaches, not "legal" ones. One unit.

GPA units: 1

LALC 298 —  Tutorial Course count: 1 

GPA units: 1