Gender, Sexuality, and Women (GSWS)

GSWS 120 —  Intro to GSWS Course count: 1 

Introduces students to the discipline of Women's and Gender Studies by analyzing women's roles and women's contributions to society and culture from the perspective of recent scholarship on women. Special attention focused on the complex interactions between gender and other social divisions such as race, class, and sexual orientation. The following issues are among those considered: the politics of women's work, the representation of women's bodies in the media, violence against women, healthcare and reproductive rights, global feminism, and the history of feminist movements in the U.S. Deliberately includes in its scope broader constructions of gender, such as concepts of masculinity.

GPA units: 1

GSWS 220 —  Global Feminism Course count: 1 

Interdisciplinary course examines the intersecting regimes of gender, race, and class as they occur in different historical periods and varying cultures. Students learn to analyze international power relations at the level of everyday politics. Encourages students to find evidence for the ways in which varying local conditions interact with women's agency in order to promote their own (personal and collective) well-being and broader social changes.

GPA units: 1

Common Area: Cross-Cultural Studies, Social Science

GSWS 400 —  Tutorial Course count: 0 

GPA units: 0

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

GSWS 497 —  Capstone: Women&Gender Studies Course count: 1 

Independent Study (tutorial) completed under the guidance of a selected Women's and Gender Studies faculty member. One unit.

GPA units: 1