China, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is increasingly important to United States national security, foreign relations, trade, and climate change policy. Chinese language is a valuable asset for careers in business, government, technology, education, law, and journalism.

Chinese major requirements: 10 courses on Chinese language, literature, culture, and civilization as follows:

  • A minimum of six courses in Chinese language or Chinese literature in Chinese at the 200 level or above including at least two at the 400 level. Majors who study abroad in their junior year must complete two courses in Chinese at the 400 level or above in their senior year at Holy Cross.
  • A minimum of four additional courses taught in English or Chinese, including:
  • Chinese 103: Introduction to Chinese Culture 
  • One course on Chinese literature
  • Two additional approved courses on China focusing on art, cinema, economics, history, linguistics, literature, politics, society, or religions

Chinese Minor Requirements: 6 courses including:

  • Chinese 301: Third Year Chinese 1
  • Chinese 302: Third Year Chinese 2
  • One course on Chinese Culture or Literature, either:
  • Chinese 103: Introduction to Chinese Culture, or
  • Chinese 255: Chinese Culture through the Camera's Eye, or
  • One approved course in Chinese Literature
  • One or more additional approved course on China in English or Chinese in anthropology, art, culture,
  • economics, history, literature, linguistics, religion or politics
  • Study Abroad: Students are encouraged to participate in the Holy Cross programs in Beijing, China for one or two
  • semesters. Students may also elect a second semester in our Chinese language and internship program in
  • Shanghai. Students may elect to study abroad for the fall, spring, or fall and spring semesters. Prerequisite: three
  • semesters of Chinese.

Chinese Language: Chinese Language study satisfies the language requirement towards a major in International Studies or Asian Studies