Spanish Major

Department Advanced Placement Policy

Students with AP credit in Spanish earn placement in the curriculum but not progress toward the minimum number of courses required by the major. Students with AP or IB credit will be advised of their placement in Spanish by taking the obligatory Spanish Background Questionnaire.


Students who will be majoring in Spanish must complete between 10 and 14 courses. More specifically, they are required to take one course from each of the eight areas below, plus two or more elective courses from any of these areas. One course offered on campus outside of the Spanish department that is directly relevant to the Spanish major may be counted as an elective, subject to approval by the department chair. Eligible courses may include Montserrat or Honors courses taught (in English or Spanish) by faculty in the Spanish department or courses taught in Spanish in other departments, such as RELS 290 Teología Andina.

Majors are required to take at least two advanced (400-level) courses in their fourth year, again from any of the areas below.
Required courses:
Area 1: Composition and Conversation (one required):
Spanish Composition & Conversation 1
Español para Hispanohablantes
Area 2: Focused Language (one required):
Directed Independent Medical Spanish
Filmmaking in Spanish
Spanish for Business
Adv Oral Expression
Creative Writing in Spanish
Area 3: Culture and Cinema (one required):
Aspects of Spanish Culture
Aspects of Spanish-American Culture
Latin American Film
Spanish Film and Literature
Area 4: Linguistics (one required):
Phonetics & Phonology
Spanish in the U.S.
Second Language Acquisition & Spanish
Bilingualism in Spanish Speaking World
Cultural History of Spanish Lang
Area 5: Introduction to Textual Analysis (one required):
Intro to Textual Analysis 2
Area 6: Readings in Literature (one required):
Readings in Latin American Lit
Readings in Spanish Literature
Area 7: Advanced Pre-Modern Studies (one required):
Medieval Spanish Literature
Golden Age
Don Quixote
Colonial Span Amer Literature
Area 8: Advanced Modern Studies (one required):
19th Century Spanish Lit
20th Century Spanish Narrative
Modern Spanish-American Narrative
Modern Spanish Drama
Modern Span & Span-Amer Poetry
García Márquez
Literature of Exile, Immigration & Ethnicity
Body & Text: Gender in Spanish Literature
Federico García Lorca
Latinidades in Literature & Pop Culture
Contemporary Spanish Female Writers
Two elective courses (two additional courses from the lists above).
Note: Two of the minimum of ten courses must be taken at the 400 level in the fourth year.

Study Abroad Credit

Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad at one of Holy Cross’s programs in Spain or Latin America. Students who attend year-long programs can use up to four Spanish courses taken abroad to satisfy the major requirements. Each of these courses should be equivalent to a semester-long class at Holy Cross (year-long courses at Spanish and Latin American universities count as two semester-long courses at Holy Cross). Typically, the year-long Spanish language and culture course that Holy Cross students must take abroad serves to satisfy both area 2 (Focused Language) and area 3 (Culture and Cinema) major requirements, but it can also be counted as an elective if the student has already satisfied one of these requirements. Students who attend semester programs can use up to two courses taken abroad to satisfy the major requirements. Upon their return from study abroad, students must still take two advanced (400-level) Spanish courses at Holy Cross in their senior year.