Anthropology Minor


The anthropology minor consists of six courses. The minor provides students with the opportunity to explore non-Western but also Western cultures from an anthropological perspective.

Required courses:
Anthropological Perspective
Ethnographic Field Methods
Theory in Anthropology
Four elective courses:
Contemporary Asia
Gender & Development
Genders & Sexualities
Medical Anthropology
Cultures and Politics of Latin America
Political Anthropology
Economic Anthropology
Fashion & Consumption
Anthropology of Africa
Theory in Anthropology
Ethnographic Field Methods
Anthropology of Biotechnology
In addition to the courses listed above, the Department offers a variety of unique 300-level seminars on various topics. In recent years the department has offered: Anthopology of Biotechnology; African Informal Economies; Culture and Human Rights; Unseminar: Contemporary Issues; and Islam, Gender & Globalization.