Philosophy Minor


The minimum requirement for the minor is six semester courses in philosophy.

History of Philosophy
Select one of the following:
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Early Modern Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Theoretical or Practical Philosophy
Select one course from either area:
Theoretical Philosophy:
Philosophy Of Mind
Process Philosophy
Practical Philosophy:
Foundations Of Ethics
Environmental Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Medical Ethics
Philosophy Of Art
Political Philosophy
Contemporary Political Philosophy
One 300 level seminar.
Moral Psychology
Corporate Moral Agency
Metaphysics & Natural Science
Approaches to Medical Ethics
The Nature of Morality
Problems in Phenomenology
Philosophical Naturalism
Three additional electives from 300 level seminars above or 200 level courses below.
Contemporary Continental Phil
Logic & Language
American Philosophy
20th Century Philosophy
Philosophy & Literature
Asian Philosophy
The Art of Living
Philosophical Anthropology
Philosophical Perspectives On Women
Philosophy Of Religion
Phil Foundations - Catholicism
Ethical Issues/Death & Dying

Because minors are not automatically assigned an advisor, students contemplating a minor are strongly encouraged to seek advice from one of their philosophy professors, or the department Chair, in choosing their minor courses.