Classics Major

Department Advanced Placement Policy

Students with AP credit in Latin may be placed in 300-level Latin courses but do not normally receive credit toward the major.


A minimum of 10 courses is required for a major in Classics. To satisfy the language requirements of the Classics major, a student will typically take at least one semester of an author-level course in one of the languages (Greek or Latin) and complete the intermediate level in the other. Normally, majors take no fewer than eight courses in the original languages. Adjustments to the language requirements can be approved by the chair of the department.

Language courses in both Greek and Latin. Select one of the following:
Intermediate Latin 1
and Intermediate Latin 2 1
Intermediate Greek 1
and Intermediate Greek 2 1
LATN or GREK author courses numbered in the 300s. 2
Additional courses in the department to reach a minimum of 10 courses. 3