Biochemistry Concentration

The Departments of Biology and Chemistry jointly offer a concentration that focuses on the study of the chemistry underlying biological structure and function. Concentrators must be enrolled as either biology or chemistry majors.


BIOL 161Introduction to Cell & Molecular Biology
BIOL 301
BIOL 303
Biochemistry 1
and Biochemistry 1 Lab
BIOL 302
BIOL 304
Biochemistry 2
and Biochemistry 2 Lab
CHEM 181Atoms & Molecules
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM 231Equilibrium & Reactivity
CHEM 336Chemical Thermodynamics (or equivalent)
One additional biology course with an associated biochemistry-oriented laboratory, in addition to the usual courses required of their major.

Concentrators must also complete a two-semester thesis project in their fourth year involving research on some aspect of biochemistry. Admission to the concentration is competitive and occurs in the second semester of the second year. Interested students should contact the Concentration Coordinator or the chair of either department.